Snapdragon : Dyn + Phys + Quest

28 ratings

Features :

  • Original character design by noomui
  • Organized, clean package + instructions
  • FBT ready
  • 19 toggles total, including fire effect
  • Toggle all articles of clothing and accessories (Nudity warning / 18+)
  • DynamicBone PC + None Bone Quest package ; PhysBone PC + PhysBone Quest package available ; feel free to mix and match

Prerequisites :

SDK3 : If you don't have it, please download from the VRChat website
DynamicBone : If you don't have it, please buy it from the Unity Asset Store
Unity2019.4.31f1 : If you don't have it, please install the software
I can upload your avatar for you. Please head to my server and make a ticket in 'unity uploads'
I do not assist in UNITY help, but if there are any issues with the avatar please tell me in my server.

Credits :

Base : Pandaabear#9873
Head : nikkie#0088
Bandages , Bodysuit : wen#4076
Boots , Warmers : м.#7777
Choker : xSnail#2902
Crocs : 3DIMES
Fishnets : Q.#1214
Hair , Piercing : kri#1214
Horns : Merlin#1584
Mask : nepnewp#4664
Piercings : Empress Moon#6969
Shorts : Yukina#2842
Sweater : vampi#1911
Tail : FormulaRats#5942
Tattoo : Vendi#7883 + Ying#6669
Underwear , Shorts : B o o#8584

Fire : raivovfx
Locomotion : WetCat

All edits and resculpting is done by me.

By purchasing this product, you agree to the following rules:

  • Not to share the zipped folder and any of its contents with anyone else or any website
  • Not to share, redistribute or re-sell the avatar
  • Not to publish any iteration of this avatar for Public/Public worlds
  • Not to use, share, redistribute or re-sell any of the assets on their own
  • If you wish to use any of the assets you must buy them from the original creators
  • Understanding that this is a non-refundable product
  • Follow VRChat's ToS

Thanks to @Buddahchen for photography and to you for your support! Please leave a rating

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Snapdragon : Dyn + Phys + Quest

28 ratings
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